Gary Holder

Gary Holder is a West Auckland based carver and sculptor.  He runs a studio in association with his sons, Jason and Grant.

Gary is a descendant of Te Awhitu,  Katerina Te Waihanea and Alexander Bell of the Maniapoto iwi. He is a wood sculptor and carver who specialises in creating works of his ancestral art.

From his background in, and observation of Maori art, Gary's artistic style has developed from the influences of such carvers as Rukupo, Pene Taihapa, John Taihapa and Paki Harrison.

His unique gifts of painting and carving have assisted him in designing the many and varied works created in traditional and contemporary style. He uses not only wood but also pounamu.

Each piece gives the observer an insight into another spiritual and cultural dimension.

We have worked with Gary Holder for over 40 years supplying high quality, hand produced items.