Jengis Poor

Now a Dunedin based potter, Jengis Poor previously worked from a studio in Devonport.

These pieces are all hand thrown on a traditional kick wheel and hand decorated in New Zealand. The medium is porcelain clay with an under coat of metal oxide stain and a clear over glaze. The firing range is between 1170c and 1200c. This work is designed to be food safe and can be used in a dishwasher or a microwave.


The Pohutukawa tree is an iconic native known locally as the New Zealand Christmas tree. It blossoms with a beautiful red flower with yellow tips over the Christmas period. It is commonly found on New Zealand coastlines.


A blend of several Polynesian themes, this design reflects the Pacific location and origins of New Zealand, and the character of Jengis’s home city.


The ponga, or tree fern defines New Zealand.   It is found in forests and gardens throughout the country.

We get our national symbol in it’s frond and the koru is derived from the growth tip of the fern.